Web Site Development Agreement for Mac

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When to Use This Agreement
Our Web Site Development Agreement governs the relationship between a Web Site Developer and a Client. Use this Agreement whenever you are hired to develop, design and implement a web site for a Client.

Statement of Work Template Included
A Statement of Work template is included as Exhibit A to help you clearly define the scope of services you perform on an ongoing basis for your client. It establishes the rights and responsibilities of each party over the term of the Agreement.

What the Website Development Agreement Protects
This web developer contract provides you with various protections against liabilities associated with the development of web sites. It includes a detailed Statement of Work and Price and Payment Terms that help you avoid “scope creep,” a common problem among web site developers. The Agreement includes both a Limitation of Remedies clause, which states that the client’s sole remedy is the correction of material defects or deficiencies brought to your attention within 90 days of completion, and a Limitation of Liabilities clause which caps your total liability to the amount you are paid for your services.

Agreement Provisions Included
  1. Scope of Services
  2. Price and Payment Terms
  3. Term and Termination
  4. Ownership of Intellectual Property
  5. Confidential Information
  6. Warranty and Disclaimer
  7. Limitation of Remedies
  8. Limitation of Liabilities
  9. Relation of Parties
  10. Employee Solicitation/Hiring
  11. Non-assignment
  12. Arbitration
  13. Attorneys' Fees
  14. Severability
  15. Force Majeure
  16. No Waiver
  17. Entire Agreement
Exhibit A: Statement of Work
  1. Preamble
  2. Project Background
  3. Scope
  4. Key Tasks and Milestones
  5. Project Deliverables
  6. Time and Cost Estimates
  7. Price and Payment
    1. Invoices
    2. Payment
  8. Project Organization and Personnel Requirements
  9. Supporting Documentation
  10. Expenses
Website Development Agreements - FAQ

Is this agreement ideal for web designers too?

Yes. Web design is a term used to refer to the creation of web pages, web sites and web applications. It also refers to the layout, arrangement, and organization of web-based graphical user interfaces consisting of images, CSS, and HTML. A web site development project incorporates web design as part of its scope, in addition to such tasks as programming web applications, configuring servers, instituting security protocols, and other non-design tasks.