Web Site Advertising Agreement for Mac

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When to Use Advertising Contracts
This online advertising agreement governs the relationship between a website owner and its client. Use these advertising agreements whenever a client places paid banner or other advertisements on your website.

What These Advertising Agreements Protect
The web site online advertising agreement protects you from liability associated with any advertising placed on your web site. The advertising agency agreement contracts hold the web site owner harmless against any claim related to advertisements placed on its web site. It also requires that the advertiser conform to your standards and gives you the right to refuse any advertising. The advertising contract sets forth the conditions of price and payment and limits your liability to the amount of the fee you charge for the advertising.

Advertising Contract Provisions Included

  1. Scope of Services
  2. Term and Termination
  3. Manner of Display and Acceptable Content
  4. Price and Payment
  5. Limitation of Liability
  6. Relation of Parties
  7. Non-assignment
  8. Arbitration
  9. Attorneys' Fees
  10. Severability
  11. Waiver and Modification
  12. Entire Agreement

Exhibit A: Schedule of Payment

  1. Price and Payment

Sample Text from the Website Advertising Agreement Template

1. Scope of Services

Web Site Owner will display advertising banners on the web site located at www.sample.com (the "Web Site") and other pages linked thereto. The Advertisements will be linked to Client's web site at www.sample.com, or any other page located at another URL that Client may provide to Web Site Owner in writing from time to time.

3. Manner of Display and Acceptable Content

Until this Agreement is terminated according to the terms provided herein, the Advertisements will be displayed on random pages of www.sample.com. Client will supply all artwork as well as link information for the Advertisements…

4. Price and Payment

Client will compensate Web Site Owner for the Advertisements pursuant to the terms and times for payment set forth in Exhibit A. Web Site Owner reserves the right to seek recovery of any overdue amounts from either or both Client and any of its authorized advertising agents…