Web Content Contributor Agreement

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When to Use This Agreement
This Agreement governs the relationship between a Web Site Developer and a Web Content Contributor. Use this Agreement whenever your company hires individuals to develop content for any web site you develop.

What It Protects
The Web Site Contributor Agreement protects you from liabilities associated with the use of web site content developed by individuals outside of your company. Specifically, it grants your firm a license to use the content that is contributed and warrants that the individual hired to develop the content is indeed its lawful owner. The Agreement also defines your firm’s relationship with the contributor and establishes the terms of receipt, price and payment for the Contributor’s services.

Agreement Provisions Included
  1. Submission of Content to Developer
  2. Grant of License to Use Contributed Content
  3. License Fee
  4. Limitations of Transfer
  5. Developer's Obligation to Notify of Infringement
  6. Warranty of Title
  7. Relation of Parties
  8. Arbitration
  9. Attorneys' Fees
  10. Severability
  11. No Waiver
  12. Entire Agreement
Exhibit A: Schedule of Payment
  1. Price and Payment