With the massive amount of information sought, sold and traded online today, it's no wonder that many people find the need for various website contracts. But is it necessary to enter into contractual agreements over website hosting, advertising and other website services?

The answer depends on the use of those services, and their value. If the use of a website is limited to an online journal, the person utilizing that space probably has no need for any website contracts. And if you are providing space for a few online journals, you likely have no need for contracts to protect your interests.

But if you are hosting business websites, a large number of sites, or high-profile sites, contracts can help you protect your interests and maintain your good standing. When might you need website contracts?

Buying and Selling

When your customers use a website to buy and/or sell services or products, they have a financial interest in that website. The people who depend on their websites for business are likely to be very interested and involved in the daily operation of their site. In this case, you may need to have a contract to outline the services you will provide and those you aren't responsible for.

When people are losing money because of a problem, emotions tend to run high. Having a contract that clearly outlines your responsibility in the hosting and maintenance of the site is important.

Advertising a Business, Organization or Entity

Many businesses use their websites to promote their companies. Though the site itself may not be a portal for buying and selling the products or services, the business, organization or entity may depend heavily on the site for advertising. In this case, they'll also be likely to blame the web hosts if there's a problem. Having a contract to clearly outline your responsibilities as a web host provider means that there are no questions of responsibility when errors occur.


Even those creating personal websites often depend on the site running smoothly and can become upset when things go wrong. Having a contract means that your responsibilities are clearly outlined. When a web maintenance company doesn't update advertising, your contract means that the site owner knows that you don't control that aspect of the website.

Website Contracts Available

You've already found a source for website contracts. Now all you need to do is choose the package that's right for you. The successful website depends on a number of people, all doing their parts. Don't allow yourself to arrive in a precarious position because the responsibilities of the various parties aren't clearly outlined.

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