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An NDA is a short term used for Non Disclosure Aggreement. NDA's are typically used when you might neet to reveal propietary information about your company to another business or to a potential employee. Sometimes a client will require that you sign an NDA. If you are a Web Designer or Content Provideer, some clients may ask you to sign an NDA before using your services. What this means is any work or servie you provide to the client cannot be disclosed. Materials that the client may feel they do not want exposed could be information about stocks, their earnings, or any other sensitive information that a client can hold you responsible for.

An example situation of a reason to sign an NDA is you are developing a Website for a client. The client is giving you information that he or she wants on the new Website but it has not been announced to the public yet. For instance, you have a client who has made a deal with a large credit card company to become the main provider of airline tickets but the only ones who know of this are the President and VP of the company and now you. The announcement will not be made for another six months and before any work can be started, the client asks you to sign an NDA for protection that you will not leak this information out. Remember, it is your right to have a copy of the NDA with the client’s signature for your records so make sure to ask for one and review it. offers a Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement which can be given to your client from you as well. This document includes the terms and conditions which were developed by attorneys who have experience with professionals working in the IT field. Some of the provisions in an NDA include Confidentiality Material, Use and Treatment of Confidential Material, Return of Confidential Material, Remedies, Arbitration, Attorney Fees, and Waiver and Modification.