Finding legal contract forms that fit your needs can be incredibly difficult. If you need a bill of sale, you'll find a blank form at your local DMV office. But what if you need a contract for web hosting services? Or a non-disclosure agreement for your independent contractors? Preparing those kinds of legal contracts can be a real problem and it becomes very expensive to pay an attorney to draw up a new contract each time.

"Smart" Contract Drafting Software

ContractEdge is actually a software application (take a tour). Our contract drafting software employs a Q&A process that leads you through each part of the contract. Some of the agreements include various options for licensing and ownership of intellectual property. Others actually help you define "uptime" guarantees and "compensation" for down time. Even if you're offering a single service - web hosting, for example - our forms provide you the confidence that your legal agreements are well defined and your liability is limited.

The key to successful business in the competitive market of IT services is to offer what customers want. That typically means variety. You'll find that many of our legal contracts include templates that allow you to address a wide variety of technology services.

Familiarity Breeds...Comfort

In the case of human relationships, familiarity may very well breed contempt. In the case of legal agreements, familiarity is a measure of comfort. As you use our legal forms you'll become adept at the process. There's no need to spend hours poring over details of an unfamiliar form, hoping that you haven't overlooked something important.

Comfort in the Law

Legal issues regarding the Internet and Internet services are a complex. Our legal contract forms were developed by attorneys who specialize in technology and intellectual property law. That means you can spend your time focusing on new ways to make your business successful and your clients satisfied.

ContractEdge Software Benefits

  • Safe and secure—complete and store your documents on your computer—not online
  • Pay once. You own the software and the agreements. Use them again and again.
  • "Intelligent" software guides you through document creation
  • Export agreements for editing and collaboration
  • Easy to use software

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