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Legally Reviewed Agreements

ContractEdge provides quality written IT contracts for the effective businesses of today. All of our contract templates have been drafted by experienced IT attorneys.

Easy To Use

ContractEdge software is user friendly and hassle-free. You simply download the basic templates of the agreement(s) you selected and follow the provided guide. The contract software will direct you through the process, asking you to answer basic questions regarding the typically required data (e.g. business name, location) and other provisions you may wish to include. A contract is then generated and can be exported for any necessary editing or collaboration of the agreement.

Onetime Purchase; Unlimited Use

With a one-time purchase, you own the IT contract software. The software and all of your purchased agreements are stored directly on your computer for easy future access. Our software requires a very small download & install (0.4 MB).

Discount Legal Agreements for IT Professionals

ContractEdge offers contract software for many IT fields. You can select one specific contract template, such as the Website Advertising Agreement Contract, or an entire suite offering several complimentary forms that are frequently required, such as the Web Development and Hosting Suite, which contains agreements for application services, employment, subcontractor/independent contractor, web content contractor, website advertising, website development, etc.

Take comfort in knowing that your IT contracts and agreements are readily available you need them. You can eliminate the middleman and take control of your business.

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