Software Copyright Assignment for Mac

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When to Use This Agreement
This Agreement governs the relationship between a Software Copyright Owner and a Party to which the rights will be assigned. Use this Agreement whenever you enter into an agreement that transfers all or part of a software copyright as part of a business transaction.

What It Protects
The Software Copyright Assignment provides for the legal transfer of a software copyright and protects both parties to the Agreement. The assignee gains documentation that the software copyright has indeed been assigned to it. Equally important, the assignor ensures that it retains those rights it wishes to retain. For example, the assignor can specify that it retains the right of trade secrets and background technology, including pre-existing development tools, routines, subroutines, programs, data and materials. Further, this Agreement makes it clear that the assignor assigns the software “as is,” and does not warrant that the software is fit for any particular purpose. It can also relieve the assignor of any responsibility for providing training or instruction regarding use of the software.

Agreement Provisions Included
  1. Conveyance of Rights
  2. Delivery of Software
  3. Rights Retained by Assignor
  4. Warranties of Title and Infringement
  5. End User Agreements
  6. Protection of Trade Secrets
  7. Limited Warranty – No Support
  8. Miscellaneous Provisions
Exhibit A: Software
  1. Software Title
Exhibit B: Background Technology
  1. Background Technology