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ContractEdge Releases New Website,
Makes Contracts, Agreements Accessible to All

Dallas, TX. July 20, 2005 - IT Professionals rejoice! ContractEdge has released a new website catering to your contract and legal form needs. Whether you need web development contracts, non-disclosure agreements, consulting agreements or subcontractor contracts, ContractEdge has all these and more.

When you complete legal forms online, you never know who has access to your private legal contracts. With ContractEdge you purchase and download to your desktop, a software application that constructs your confidentiality agreements and other contract forms. Our software has easy-to-use templates of legal forms. You add the details to your own IT contract forms. As each step from the template is completed, your information is added to the document. Your final legal forms are customized to your situation and ready to use for your IT needs.

Yes, you can customize your contracts and independent contractor agreements as much as you like. Once purchased, you own the IT contracts software and can use it over and over again. Many online legal forms providers require that you complete your IT contracts over the Internet. Best of all you don't have to pay again and again to get your legal IT contracts right.

ContractEdge contracts and agreements go beyond the standard provisions and include critical special provisions unique to the IT industry. Our contracts were developed specifically to meet the demands of IT contracting. They contain the important "boilerplate" provisions found in most good general contracts.

Thousands of IT professionals rely on ContractEdge for their legal contracts. Here’s why:
  • High-quality contracts.
  • Safe and secure—our IT contracts allow you to complete and store your documents on your computer—not online.
  • Pay only once. You own the software and the agreements. Use the IT contracts again and again.
  • "Intelligent" software guides you through document creation.
  • Export agreements for editing and collaboration.
  • Easy to use software that actually helps you complete your contract correctly.