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Teachers union website inexplicably shut down by SaaS provider


The Nova Scotia Teachers Union is filing a lawsuit for more than $160,000 against RGI Solutions for a breach of contract involving the development of its website, The Chronicle Herald reports.

"A few hours before we were supposed to deliver that site and upload on to the server, they shut off the access to the server and we couldn’t deliver it," Rod Collins, president of NTSU, told the news source. "We thought the servers broke."

Collins went on to explain that his agency initially thought the disruption of service was an accidental malfunction, but they later realized it was the SaaS provider that ultimately shut down the server making it unable for the NTSU to finalize its website, the news source explains.

According to the news source, the software contract that NTSU signed with RGI years ago requires a $90 per hour payment to the IT agency to maintain the union's website.

Small businesses that are affected by a violation of the terms of use in an IT contract should immediately contact their provider to find out the root of service interruption. Having a firm contract can make disputes less complicated.