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Going green helps the environment and attracts the consumer


Gaining the trust of a consumer these days may involve more offering reliable and cost-efficient software contracts.

A study by YouGov reveals that a majority of consumers view sustainable strategies as vital to every day operations. Companies that incorporate and advertise eco-friendly practices may encourage better lifestyles on the part of the consumer and increase client retention rates, The Guardian reports.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, engaging eco-friendly tactics gives a business a number of benefits for leaders hoping to lower energy costs, become environmentally responsible and attracting new customers.

"As a green business, you should practice what you preach," the SBA wrote. "This means complying with all environmental regulations relevant to your business. Compliance not only protects the environment, it protects your business from fines and legal action that could be imposed by the government."

One way a business can save a bundle of money, as well as looking out for the environment, is by using recycled products and adopting digital solutions such as electronic signatures, as opposed to paper.