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Getting the best technology contracts


For small business owners operating in the technology sector, the process of contract negotiations is essential, reports ITTechNewsDaily, which offered some tips for entrepreneurs to make sure they get the most from it.

One of the most important factors for business owners, the site says, is to go into the process knowing what parts of the deal, while desired, aren't really necessary. That can allow for flexibility in making a deal.

And while it may not be optimistic, business owners should make sure a contract spells out in the event the deal doesn't work.

"You have to think about what happens if this software does not work out," Robert J. Scott, managing partner for a Texas-based a law firm, told the source. "Who owns what, and how will you keep your business up and running should the technology company go out of business or not meet your expectations. Technology is so vital to every business."

The source added that business owners should remember that technology sales people have quotas like many other industries, so managers should avoid falling for the pressure of deals which expire in a short period of time.