How do I create documents using ContractEdge™?

You create documents by completing a simple, step-by-step interview. Your answers to our interview questions are used to build a custom document. The document can be previewed as you proceed or once you're finished.

If you are using a Mac, then you will be able to download each form and then edit the open form elements using Microsoft Word.

What types of legal documents can I get from ContractEdge™?

ContractEdge™ is a leading provider of legal templates for small business or contractors. The document states and records a legally enforceable act, obligation, right, process, or duty. Popular business examples found in our collection are, mutual non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements and custom software development agreements. To see a full list of all the types that are available please click here.

Will my documents be legal when I am done?

No. When you use the ContractEdge™ step-by-step legal template application, you will build a legal document that is customized to your state and individual need.

To make this document legal, it must be executed by all parties involved, which in addition to signing may include finding witnesses, formal filing and notarization depending on the type of agreement that you need. Please see each document for specific needs.

Do you have documents to print and fill out by hand?

Yes. While we at ContractEdge™ believe that use of our step-by-step legal template application gives you the most current and relevant resource for your needs; you can download contract templates that can be manually edited using Microsoft Word.

Legal documents are complex and intricately written records. Many documents have sections that need to be revised, deleted or added depending on your needs. Thus using the step-by-step legal template application gives you the best chance for success on an ongoing basis.

Can I call ContractEdge™ for legal advice?

No. ContractEdge™ only provides legal templates that have been developed and created by legal experts for use by small businesses. If you have specific legal questions, we can connect you with a lawyer or other legal professional.

Can I look at a form before I buy it?

Yes. If you click on the link called "View Sample,” you can see the first section for each contract. The preview should be used to assess the general nature of the form. What you see is not a complete form and is not meant for actual use. The preview documents can't be modified and do not show all of the information that is available when you purchase the form.

Do I need special software to download or view the documents?

The end result from the step-by-step legal template application is a Microsoft Word document. Therefore, you will need Microsoft Word (.doc), a version no older than Microsoft Word 97, to download and use the form.

If you are downloading legal templates without using the step-by-step legal template application, you will still need to use Microsoft Word to edit them before formal legal use.

When can I download my form?

You can download blank unedited version of your form immediately after your purchase has been processed. However, we suggest that you download the step-by-step legal template application to edit your forms for a stronger more enforceable document.

Can I make changes to a form?

Once you have purchased the form, you are free to customize it to suit your needs. However, It's essential to understand what each part of a document means or does before deleting or modifying the language. If you are comfortable that a section is not necessary for your needs or according to the law in your area, you can change it to suit your arrangement.

Can you tell me which form I need?

No. ContractEdge™ is not a law firm and cannot provide you with legal advice. As a result, we cannot tell you what form you may need or what form is right for you.