Employment Contract

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When to Use the Employment Agreement
This Agreement governs the relationship between a Consulting Firm and an Employee. Use this Agreement whenever hiring a "W2" employee, particularly when confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements are required.

What It Protects
The Employment Contract protects your intellectual property rights and confidential information whenever hiring a new employee. It establishes your relationship as “employment at will,” lessening the chances of an unfair termination claim. This Employment Agreement also imposes non-compete and non-hire provisions, prohibiting an exiting employee from stealing your clients or workers.

In addition to the provisions that help protect your company in the case of confidential information, termination, and non-compete specifications, our Employment Agreement also helps you detail the compensation the employee will receive in exchange for work performed. This may include compensation provisions, such as: employee benefits, expense management, and severability so that employees know what they can expect upfront, as well as what is expected of them.

Provisions Included in the Employment Agreement

  1. Employment
  2. Compensation
  3. Benefits
  4. Expenses
  5. Termination
  6. Confidential Information
  7. Non-Solicitation
  8. Remedies
  9. Intellectual Property
  10. Non-assignment by Employee
  11. Arbitration
  12. Attorney's Fees
  13. Severability
  14. Force Majeure
  15. No Waiver
  16. Entire Agreement

Sample Text from our Employment Agreement Template

1. Employment

Employer employs Employee as on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, and Employee agrees to devote full time and attention and his best efforts to carrying out the duties of that position, as well as abide by such employment policies Employer may establish from time to time...

5. Termination

THIS EMPLOYMENT IS AT WILL. Both Employee and Employer may terminate this Agreement without cause by giving the other at least forty-five (45) days prior written notice of the termination. This Agreement may be terminated by Employer immediately if Employee engages in...

8. Remedies

Employee recognizes and agrees that a breach of the provisions of Agreement entitled "Confidential Information", "Non-Solicitation" and "Intellectual Property" will constitute immediate and irreparable harm to Employer of which damages cannot be readily calculated...