For PC users

Installation Instructions:

NOTE: If you have previously installed ContractEdge you do not need to install it a second time. You only need to install and new contract templates that you have purchased.  

Software is PC compatible only. Will not run on IOS.

Step 1
  • Download ContractEdge 3.0 (0.4 MB)
  • Choose to save ContractEdgeSetup.exe to your computer. When the download is complete, run it to install ContractEdge 3.0.

Step 2
  • Download Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (PC Users)
  • Choose to save Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement.cetp to your computer. When the download is complete, open the template to install your new contract template.
  • Once the template is installed, template will be added to the main menu of ContractEdge™ for easy access.

    Note: You must install ContractEdge 3.0 or later before you can install the Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement for PC.

After completing the installation, simply start the ContractEdge™ software to begin building your contracts.

For MAC users

Installation Instructions: