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Vote likely on Facebook Data Use Policy


A vote may decide whether Facebook's recent privacy policy changes are enacted or altered.

At issue is the social media website's Data Use Policy, which was updated May 11. Since that time, more than 10,500 Facebook users have posted comments about the changes. Only 7,000 comments are needed to trigger a vote on alternatives to the changes, according to Facebook's Statements of Rights and Responsibilities. That document itself was revised after changes in March spurred more than 7,000 comments.

Opponents of the new Data Use Policy say there is not a good system for opting in and out of certain data use provisions, and they are calling on Facebook to permanently remove data deleted by users. These and other criticisms are spelled out on the website of the group Europe vs. Facebook.

Europe has been a particularly contentious front in the conflict over Facebook's privacy policy and terms of use. A 24-year-old law student in Austria founded the Europe vs. Facebook group, and a German government official has contended that Facebook's "Like" feature violates European and German law, according to the Huffington Post. The German version of the site saw more than 37,000 comments regarding the Data Use Policy.

While a vote on the policy seems inevitable, Facebook has not yet scheduled one, and has said it is currently reviewing the comments, CNET reported.