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Top small company wins big contract



Tyler Technologies recently landed a substantial contract with the Kansas City, Missouri, School District.

The contract with the KCMSD is likely to further burnish the reputation of Tyler, named one of America's best small companies by Forbes four times in the last five years.

Under the contract, Tyler will provide software licenses, professional services, maintenance and support to KCMSD, which serves about 16,700 students.

Tyler's student management software will enable educators and administrators to better monitor student progress, formulate and implement individualized learning plans, and expand communication channels among students, parents and teachers.

Software contracts with school districts and other municipal and government entities can be very lucrative for tech companies, and the process of securing these contracts can be very competitive. Tyler was chosen through a bidding process; another tech company in the Midwest, SBP, recently came under scrutiny for obtaining a number of government contracts without a competitive bidding process.

Under public pressure to curtail spending, officials in Wayne County, Michigan, recently rescinded a $9 million no-bid contract it had awarded SBP, the Detroit Free Press reported. The county will begin the process over, this time calling for proposals from other companies.