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Tennessee county calls on CR Software


The Shelby County Trustee's Office, which has one of the largest county treasuries in Tennessee, recently relied on CR Software's Titanium ORE, the first open architecture collections and recovery platform.

The county first turned to CR Software in an effort to streamline collections and management of delinquent county property taxes. It chose the company for a software contract based on its unmatched open architecture environment.

Previously, Shelby County's collection efforts were manual, taking up employee time doing tasks that could easily be automated. With CR Software's Titanium ORE, collection letters are now sent automatically; tags react to workflow; and collectors generate out-of-the-box reports in real time. The program also regularly interacts with the system of record.

"We saw the potential in the technology to grow," Debra Gates, chief administration officer for Shelby County, said. "[And] the versatility and flexibility of the environment - if we needed to make a change, the system has the capacity to do what we want to do ourselves."

Titanium ORE will help the county maintain its many community outreach and financial empowerment programs it offers residents. It provides seniors tax relief and freeze programs, as well as a quarterly pay program.