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Successful contracts are a 'good marriage'


According to a recent blog post on Billing World, writer David West calls a successful contract negotiation a "good marriage," and offered tips on how to achieve this state.

First, both sides need to be willing to compromise. Often requirements, budgets and timelines are the major stipulations that both sides haggle over. Ensuring both participants get what they want is important, but meeting somewhere in the middle oftentimes results in an easier process.

In contract negotiations, those involved need to avoid conflict at all costs, West states. Conflicts often arise in confusing terms of use or clauses, so it is important for both sides to be as clear as possible with each sentence in an agreement. Doing so can potentially reduce the risk of potential conflicts as well. Both sides should also look for the most efficient way to meet goals, as long periods of time and work can result in greater costs and more labor. If, however, major discrepancies occur, West suggested that calling off the "engagement" might be the best move for all those involved.

As more stories involving breaches of contract arise, the importance of achieving a good contractual marriage is increased. Thus, following West's advise regarding compromising and conflict resolution can be helpful and effective.