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Sony changes PSN privacy policy, moves toward multi-service accounts


Sony Network Entertainment recently changed the privacy policy and terms of use for its PlayStation Network.

Among other changes, the updated agreement alters the terms governing parental controls of the popular video game system's chat feature and places limitations on cancelations of preordered content.

The changes occurred in concert with a rebranding of the PlayStation Network, which is now the Sony Entertainment Network. For Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems, the name change will not take effect until software updates occur.

Users who access the Sony network will be prompted to accept the new conditions, and those who decline will not be able to use web features of the system.

Sony characterized the rebranding of the PSN as part of its project to offer various media - including games, movies and music - via a single user account that can be accessed on a variety of networked devices.

Google recently made a similar move, as it eliminated dozens of separate privacy policy and terms of use agreements and instituted a single agreement to govern various services, allowing for greater integration.