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Negotiation tips for 2012


Business owners and other professionals who anticipate negotiating an IT contract in the coming months might be interested in the tips for 2012 negotiation success recently offered by Jim Camp, founder of the Camp Negotiation Institute.

Camp noted that negotiations in 2012 could be marked by higher stress levels than usual, given that the economy will likely still be struggling while emotions could be high due to the presidential campaign.

To deal with the added anxieties that next year might have in store, Camp said it's a good idea to "shift into neutral" before a negotiation. That is, he stressed the importance of taking a moment to banish "expectations, excitement, fear, anger and neediness" before beginning a negotiation, so the outcome is not influenced by emotions springing from situations unrelated to the matter at hand.

Camp said it's also important to gauge how the other party is feeling. He said it's smart to get the other party talking by asking basic who, what, where, when, why and how questions, to determine not only how they feel, but what they want and need. The more information a negotiator has, the greater his or her advantage, Camp stated.

Providing further negotiation tips, the website Slate recently released a series of podcasts called the "Negotiation Academy," with each episode sharing strategies taught in a Columbia University Business School class.