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NASA announces contract negotiations for SBIR Phase II


Eighty-five small businesses in the technology sector will be engaging in contract negotiations with NASA, having been chosen as Phase II participants in the agency's Small Business Innovation Research Program.

Chosen from among 428 proposals, the selected SMBs will be given the chance to expand upon the work they began as Phase I participants. During Phase I of the SBIR program, businesses spent six months investigating the scientific and technical potential of research projects; during Phase II, they will continue to develop their research for up to two years, supported by as much as $750,000 in funding from NASA.

Ultimately, some of the participating SMBs will move on to Phase III, in which they will commercialize their innovations.

Among the projects being developed through the SBIR program is an initiative to create new composite materials for use in launch vehicles; this technology also has potential private sector applications, as it could be used in aircrafts, wind turbines and other infrastructure.

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