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Lessons to learn from the NBA lockout


While most small business owners aren't dealing with the big egos, packed arenas and massive revenues of the National Basketball Association, there are some lessons they can take from the league's collective bargaining situation when negotiating software contracts.

ESPN columnist Henry Abbott says last week, league owners proposed a 50/50 split of revenues, up from the 47 percent they had previously been offering in negotiations, on the belief that one of the players' union lawyers had suggested it might be acceptable.

However, other players officials told the network that they never would have made that proposal, and the owners had no written offer to verify it. Small business owners should be sure to have each offer in writing.

In addition, that same day, the owners dealt with a group of players - such as Kobe Bryant - who hadn't been at many meetings. Abbott suggested that perhaps owners should have involved those players at other points - much like business owners should be sure they are always working with people who have the authority to make a decision.

The NBA negotiations continue to be locked in a stalemate. Officials have said that without a deal in the near future, games could be cancelled through Christmas.