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Infor seeks millions in damages in contract dispute with 3M


Fine print within a software contract may lead to disputes between a provider and client and in the case of 3M and Infor, a court will determine whether the SaaS agency owes the latter company millions in damages, IDG News reports.

Even with the allegations brought to 3M, the company is still regarded as one of the more reputable in the IT world. According to Forbes, 3M was ranked as the fourth most reputable company in the United States, as of April 2011.

However, after being a client of 3M's for more than ten years, Infor is now filing a lawsuit against the IT company for a breach of confidentiality, IDG adds.

"Infor has a reputation for service and support excellence, and 3M is a valued Infor customer," said Infor spokesman Dan Barnhardt in a statement. "We are currently working with 3M to bring this matter to a speedy and satisfactory resolution. All software agreements necessarily restrict access to and modification of source code by third parties to encourage and protect substantial investments in continuous innovation."

Even with a strong business-to-business relationship, a slight misstep could result in a major lawsuit, so its important to understand all aspects of an agreement.