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iMed Software awards coding, compliance contract


To ensure more decisive healthcare calculations, iMed Software recently awarded a software contract to Alpha II, a coding, compliance and reimbursement firm. The company's CodeWizard software makes calculations based on history, exam and medical decision-making information from medical records.

"As our customers combat the increasing compliance requirements inherent in today's healthcare landscape, proper coding has become more critical than ever, especially as part of the transition to electronic health records," says Steve Hunt, director of business development for iMed Software. "We sought to fill a real need of our customers and are very excited to partner with Alpha II to bring them stronger coding assistance through easy-to-use, integrated tools."

CodeWizard is integrated with iMedEMR to calculate evaluation and management codes for its client server.

Alpha II's technology is used by more than 60,000 commercial and governmental healthcare professionals. The company also offers software solutions for physician practices, billing services, hospitals, electronic medical records and practice management. Its team of software, healthcare and IT experts constantly work to improve and update its database and rules engine so they're always current.