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Fort Worth school system involved in IT contract dispute with SaaS


Small businesses and organizations that sign IT contracts must assure they're covered under warranty in case of service failure as a result of the software's poor design.

In Fort Worth, Texas, the school's board warned Tyler Technologies about issues involving student data within its IT system that is incorrectly crediting students twice-over for a single class, interim superintendent Walter Dansby told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"This is a bold step for us, but we need to take a bold step to make sure that our kids get the very best," Dansby said in a statement. "I just don't feel like we're getting what we should be from this company."

The school system has yet to cancel its contract with the IT agency, but Kyle Davie, chief of technology for the district, told the news source that it hasn't received proper training from Tyler Technologies and it refuses to compensate them further unless the district's needs are met and the issues are addressed.

Small business should act similarly with any contract disputes in the future. If a SaaS provider fails to follow the terms of use in software contracts, the relationship with them should be reassessed.