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Florida town debates IT contract


The Florida community of Port St. Joe is at loggerheads over municipal IT contracts.

An existing contract with a local company, Bluemanta, expired on May 18, according to local news source The Star. The newspaper quoted Bluemanta's owner, Chuck Edwards, who said that his staff was stretched too thin trying to provide the necessary support, and that the company was providing services outside the scope of its contract despite not getting additional compensation.

Edwards also pointed to the "volatile political climate" as a reason to end the relationship with the city, according to The Star.

This volatility has been on display ever since the contract ended. The city manager recommended that a new contract be awarded to TJ's Networking Group, but commissioners have not approved that deal, the news source reported.

One commissioner, Bill Kennedy, told The Star he needed more information before approving the contract, and he said he would also like to stick with a local company. In the meantime, the city is left without an IT vendor.

In another example of IT contract drama, the U.S. Air Force recently announced it will resolicit bids for a major contract after complaints that the initial process was unfair, according to the Washington Post.