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Expert: Don't leave contracts to chance


When handed a contract, many small business owners may flinch at the complicated terms of use included in the agreement. However, writing for AllBusiness.com, business author Hanna Hasl-Kelchner says they shouldn't rely on blind hope.

Instead of just signing on the dotted line and hoping for the best, Hasl-Kelchner says business owners should read all proposed software contracts through themselves. If there's something that appears confusing, they shouldn't be afraid to ask for clarification on certain sections.

By doing so, the two sides may come up with language more appropriate to the actual job at hand. Many larger companies rely on standard contract forms, which may not be completely applicable.

If need be, she says business owners can ask for independent legal advice on the contract, but should be sure to do so before they agree to the contract so they don't appear to back out of the agreement. If there are time constraints, she says business owners can tentatively approve a contact, but say it is still subject to a legal review.