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Entrepreneurs should try to avoid getting sidetracked by contract negotiations


For many small business owners, contract negotiations can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Forbes contributor and entrepreneur Judy Owen says that if they're not careful, negotiations can also keep them from getting the work done they need to.

Owen says that contract negotiations are one of her least favorite roles as a small business owner since they can be tedious and boring while also keeping her away from the business of running her company.

"This week's mission is to keep working on these contracts, and to start searching for Plans B and C in case we can't reach some type of agreement," she writes. "I've got some great candidates to place and I need to do some reference checks. I just hope I don't fail these job-seekers because I am once again getting sidetracked with work."

She added that entrepreneurs should be mindful of the fact that they aren't a large company, so they should have a backup plan in case an agreement can't be reached.

Business owners may be able to reduce the amount of time they spend working on software contracts by using an online template to lay out the terms they want, which can free up their time to do other tasks.