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Ebix wins mutual insurance company contract


A leading international supplier of on-demand software and ecommerce services for the insurance industry, Ebix, was recently tapped to provide services for a company, the name of which was not revealed.

In its history, Ebix has been awarded a number of IT contracts, and for its most recent agreement, the company will provide its Ebix Advantage Web Enterprise SaaS platform for the insurance provider's back-end system needs, including rating, underwriting, policy administration and claims management.

The software solution is multi-lingual and multi-currency, which caters to a diverse population for clients management, policy administration and rating. In other contracts, Ebix has offered end-to-end solutions such as infrastructure exchanges and custom software development.

"This is a large win for us," said Jon Mayo, senior director of Ebix, US P&C Operations. "This deal will start contributing strongly to our carrier division revenues this year. We are going to continue to strive to grow our Property & Casualty carrier division revenues at double-digit percentage growth rates annually over the next few years. This deal is a big positive step forward in that direction."