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Cogility Software wins case management software contract


A large national business law firm recently tapped Cogility Software Corporation to provide next-generation legal case management software solutions. The $1 million software contract will provide the law firm a comprehensive suite of legal market capabilities, including analytics and lifecycle management.

Cogility, a wholly owned subsidiary of Acquired Sales Corp., will develop a solution that will serve general counsels and legal teams, which will have access to a web-based system that includes budget portfolios, cases and budget management tools.

"Our software allows clients to focus their resources, to optimize their budgets, and to become better informed as a large amount of data is fused and transformed into actionable intelligence," said Cogility CEO Dan Terry. "Our legal analytics solutions will provide senior executives with unprecedented insights into the economic value and risks of each case with supporting facts and analytics. Our technology analyzes complex, high-volume and often-conflicting data, and pushes the information to the users in a timely, intuitive and easy to understand process."

Cogility offers a number of solutions that help improve clients' processes, including case file management, web UI, evidence accrual, geospatial-temporal mapping, link discovery, tasking and collaboration.