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California company wins production software contract


Teledyne Defence recently was awarded a production contract to supply its software-based radio system to PA Consulting Group. The subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies is entering the multi-year software contract as the next step to PA Consulting's earlier developmental contracts.

Teledyne Technologies provides its clients with sophisticated instrumentation, imaging products and software, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems.

"The award of this contract is recognition of Teledyne's success in supporting the development of a world-leading capability, and working with our partners in implementing very challenging client specifications in demanding timescales," said Robert Mehrabian, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Teledyne.

Along with its partners, PA Consulting Group offers management and IT consulting and technology services. Teledyne's technology services are used in a number of industrial markets. The company got its start primarily in the aerospace and defense industries, which is what Teledyne Defence caters to now.