Click-Wrap End User License Agreement

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This Agreement governs the relationship between a Software Developer or Provider and the End-user Licensee. Use this Agreement whenever you develop software for third-party use and need a license agreement included as part of the software.

What It Protects
The Click-Wrap End User License Agreement requires end users to accept all conditions imposed by the developer in order to gain authorized use of the software. It alerts end users that the software is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and treaties. The Agreement prohibits the sale or transfer of the software by the end user, and requires the user to purchase separate licenses for each user or computer. It also sets the conditions regarding your responsibility to provide replacements and upgrades. Importantly, the License Agreement limits your liability for damages caused to the end user due to use of faulty or damaged software.

Agreement Provisions Included
  1. Grant of License
  2. Price and Payment
  3. Support Services
  4. Replacement, Modifications and/or Upgrades
  5. Termination
  6. Copyright
  7. Export Restrictions
  8. Disclaimer of Warranties
  9. Limitation of Damages
  10. Arbitration
  11. Severability
  12. No Waiver
  13. Entire Agreement