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How do I create documents using ContractEdge™?

You create documents by completing a simple, step-by-step interview. Your answers to our interview questions are used to build a custom document. The document can be previewed as you proceed or once you're finished.

If you are using a Mac, then you will be able to download each form and then edit the open form elements using Microsoft Word.

When can I download my form?

You can download blank unedited version of your form immediately after your purchase has been processed. However, we suggest that you download the step-by-step legal template application to edit your forms for a stronger more enforceable document.

Can I make changes to a form?

Once you have purchased the form, you are free to customize it to suit your needs. However, It's essential to understand what each part of a document means or does before deleting or modifying the language. If you are comfortable that a section is not necessary for your needs or according to the law in your area, you can change it to suit your arrangement.

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The format and instructions are easy to understand and well organized. I am very pleased.

– Daniel H – Chicago, IL